Internet of Things in 2022

The Internet of Things is already a massive part of many people’s daily lives across the globe. This vast network connects smart devices of all types, providing comfort and convenience while opening new opportunities and forging new habits. To increasingly improve how it does so, the IoT gathers data on how people use devices in the real world. By collecting this data, companies have the ability to adjust their products to meet their customers’ needs.

Is Angular Still Worth Learning in 2022? Extended Edition

When comparing it to React - you need to remember that with Angular, you’ll have learned a framework that gives you everything you need to build full-featured frontend applications. Routing, HTTP requests, animation, data accessibility APIs, serverside rendering, translation, forms, and a testing framework, to name a few. With React, you’d have to learn all of these separately. Online you’ll see this eloquently summed up as “react is a library”, angular is a “framework”.

Why flutter is better than java and kotlin ?

However, Kotlin's incremental build is even slightly faster than Java's. Thus, the languages are roughly equal in compilation speed. In its turn, compared to Kotlin, Flutter development is 20-50% faster (mostly thanks to 'hot reload' built into the framework). The speed depends on the complexity of the interface and the required functions.